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Hey People! We have a new site! Check it out at! it's ReaLLy ReAlLy FuNkY WeiRd RaNdOm andStUfF!

Breaking News! Funkmasternickynick aces random test!

The Randometer Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

Well, Welcome to ReAlLy ReaLLy FuNkY WeiRd RaNdOm StUfF!

Well, Welcome. I hope that You really really enjoy this site, because there's lots of really really funky wierd stuff on it. (Like the Picture To the Left) If you don't really really enjoy ReAlLy ReaLLy FuNkY WeiRd RaNdOm StUfF, then I would not recommend this site, because it's only for peoples who really really enjoy ReAlLy ReaLLy FuNkY WeiRd RaNdOm StUfF. Also, if you know me, Funkmasternickynick, then leave a comment in Talk About funky Stuff! Thanks!!! Also if you really really do ReAlLy ReaLLy FuNkY WeiRd RaNdOm StUfF, then I would reccomend the sites and Theyre totally awesome!!!!! (By the way, sloths really ARE people, too! Visit to find out more!)


I'm so sorry, I haven't exactly updated in a while, and... well.. I'll try to start doing that a little more often... so I put this little picture up...

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